About Us

Who are we.

Youth Excel is a yearly scholarship program that allows students to development entrepreneurial skills for any line of future endeavors. Also known as literature evangelism, magabooks, canvassing, or colporteuring, is putting a new face on one of our churches most long-standing ministries.

Now a youth-led, student oriented ministry, Youth Excel offers students the opportunity to actively share their faith while earning money for their education.

Most importantly, participants are invigorated spiritually as they experience the joy of service, and the blessing that comes from literature evangelism.

In this ten-week summer program students ages 16-25 work together, worship together, grow together, and have fun together. Highly-trained team leaders offer training and supervision. Students participate in all the aspects of the program, including music, food preparation, inventory, or other duties as needed.

What we aim to do.

Equipping students to excel in ministry and in purpose. Many students succeed in gaining a college degree and leadership jobs within the SDA Church.

Online Payments: You can now make online payments to sponsor student’s education.



How long is the program?

The program is 11 weeks. 

How does the scholarship work?

The student earns their scholarship on a commission basis. Every student receives 50% of their donations toward scholarship money. Additional opportunities are available for students who plan to attend Oakwood University and other Adventist schools. The Oakwood University STEPS program can match up to $2,600 of the student’s earnings.

Summer students will be paid with a check at end of the 11 weeks. These must be saved and shown to the school in order to claim the school’s additional scholarships.

What if my classes haven't ended by May 1st?

Exceptions are treated on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you specify this and what date your school ends on your application.    

Will we take time off?

There is a weekend retreat at the end of the summer where students relax, have fun and meet with other students from other program locations. Previous summers we have gone to Nashville Shores and Six Flags. The students will also have an opportunity to participate at an end of the year banquet. 

We encourage students to stay on the program for the full 11 weeks so they can have the full experience of the campaign. Fun Fridays are planned so that students are able to unwind and have leisure time.

Student leaves are on a case by case situation such as illnesses, serious family emergencies, special requests from the parents, or any other arrangements made with the director.


How much will I get paid?

 The average student the last few summers has earned around $3,750 after the 50% is taken. Dedication and diligence has awarded some students over $5,000 in scholarship money.

Summer students can choose to receive a 5% cash advance every Friday that will be deducted from their overall summer check. This is usually used for groceries, lunch money, personal items, and recreation. (ex. If a student earns $1000 every week, they can choose to take $50 on Fridays)

Experience God like Never Before!